Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Feeling Bad

Is it a worry, to spend a few days under a heavy black cloud every now and then? We all have days when nothing seems to go right. We all get grumpy or upset at times. How does one draw the line between 'normal' bad mood and 'depression'? Every one seems to be able to claim to suffer from depression these days, so is it real or simply something dreamed up to explain those feeling bad times? Is there a check-list of symptoms which define one or the other? But what if you know the things on the list and your mind somehow conjures up those symptoms? That would surely make a list obsolete. I don't know, it's just something to ponder I suppose.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Video Cassette Recorders

I find myself wondering why on earth my parents can't plug in a VCR and record a programme off the television. VCRs have been around longer than I have, and my parents must have, at some point in their lives, had to set one up and use it without the help of their offspring. Now, though, we offspring always have the task of plugging everything into the right sockets and pressing the right buttons on the blasted thing.
But what happens when we are not there and our parents are asked to record something for us? Nothing, is what. the world turns to custard. Armageddon threatens. They try, but they can not find in in themselves to dig the information out of the recesses of their memories which would allow them to perform such an act. The information is there - they have recorded lots of things in the past and all without help. Nothing about the way a VCR or television works has changed since then, except perhaps the shape of the plugs. Is this enough to throw off the rational ability of the people who have raised us from mere infants? If a child suddenly changed shape, as I am sure almost all children are wont to do, would the parents panic and not know how to feed said child?
I hope not.
What has gone wrong here in the evolutionary process?

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Syncopation is one of the most satisfying, nay, pleasing, musical devices. Take Irving Berlin's Puttin' on the Ritz. What can I say? Brilliant!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What ho!

P. G. Wodehouse must be discovered by many people at some point in life. For me, it's this point. YouTube must be the path to discovering many things in people's lives. For me, it's Wodehouse.
One thing must always lead to another, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie has led to Jeeves and Wooster. I only wish I could be transported into the screen as I watch and chuckle delightedly at the goings on. Fry and Laurie and all involved have perfectly captured and brought to life the wonderful writings of Wodehouse, who, I believe, has long been a favourite author of both. I have discovered this on reading the stuff and finding myself reading it in their voices.
The language is delightful. That is to say, it's a delight to know that there is a world, however real, in which such language is used. I only wish one could insert one's self into such a world in times of need. A cheerful What ho! would, quite frankly, go a long way in today's modern and somewhat disastrous life.

Friday, July 20, 2007

End theme of House MD

No. Not Teardrop by Massive Attack (what kind of name is Massive Attack anyway? Are they in one or are they inviting one?).
I'm talking about the theme song from the Australasian (and maybe the UK, and probably some other places too) version of season one. At least, season one as it is in the DVD release for zone 4.
Wikipedia describes the tune as "a piece of music named "House End Credits" [...] which was composed specifically for the show by Jon Ehrlich, Jason Derlatka, and Leigh Roberts."
While many, many people have requested information as to how to download this piece of music, none have answered this request. I, too, would like to put it on my iPod, and have attempted in vain to record it from YouTube to my computer.
In a world where almost everything is available online, why is there this terrible gap in supply of desirable digitalis? I want that theme song!!

Very catchy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Long Blog Post Titles Should Still Use Upper Case Letters Because They're Still Titles

Except if you imagine that this is a newspaper.
Since I am going to try to write things as often as possible, some of the things I write will be, on the most part, nothing at all. This is one of those things. That is to say, this isn't one of anything.
Upper case letters are interesting. I don't know how many people call them that these days, as capitalism seems to have taken over even the naming of letter types. Though they are rather capital, upper case letters actually come from the upper case (more of a drawer really) and thus naming them properly makes them easier to find. Having said that, they should now be called shift letters. But then the caps lock key (probably the most annoying key on any keyboard) would make little sense.
Back in the good old days of print, where the aforementioned upper cases (and, incidentally, the lower cases as well) were used to store the components of a printed page instead of all those cute little ornaments that no one knows what to do with, everything (or at least most things) was better. People wrote journals instead of blogs, and this meant that there are still interesting things to read about people from the past (I can't imagine anyone reading my blog in a hundred years time, but my jlog will probably still be around in an attic somewhere).
The world was more organised back then too. If you couldn't afford an iPod, you didn't buy one (no one could afford the time machine needed to get one, in fact, so they weren't so much in fashion back then). Clothes were made of cloth and stitches and were replaced when one of the two gave out. Clothes now are made of marketing and trend, and since both currently evolve so fast they never last as long as cloth and stitches. Fashions lasted too, and proper was the guiding force rather than cool. One was expected to wear a hat when appropriate and might be looked at strangely for non-compliance. They would not, however, be the subject of text-message bullying if their hat was more than a year old, because things like hats lasted. Take the fedora, for example. Now there's a lasting piece of cranial covering.
Telephones are another thing that has got worse. You used to used a telephone to talk to someone, with your voice, who was some distance away. If you wished to communicate by writing, on the other hand, you would write to them. If it was speed you required, you could always send a telegram, which would most likely be more efficient than an email since a telegram has a habit of finding its recipient rather than said person having to check for it all the time (or neglect to check, as they case may be).
Enough of a rant for now. I shall end by asserting that the next piece of technology I desire to be invented is, quite frankly, a time machine.